The Evolution of Icons

We’ve decided to show the world the evolution of the Nexus Defense icon, as a symbol of how a simple piece of artwork, namely the #icon, can change so drastically over its lifetime!  To us, the design of each piece of artwork is crucial to completing the functionality of the application as a whole.  The color scheme, the contrast, the brightness, all of which comes together to make something simple, yet beautifully elegant.  But enough said.  Here’s the evolution of the icon of Nexus Defense.

Icon #1


This icon was our first design, using a slightly lavender background and featuring the nexus in the center.  The aliens coming from the sides was supposed to show viewers what the game was about.  However, after using it for a while in development, we began to dislike its design.  The nexus was not exactly centered, and there were too many aliens coming from the side; it convoluted the icon.  Also, it looks better up when scaled, but on an iPad or iPhone device the icon is really small and it’s hard to see much anyway.


Icon #2


This was our second design.  We chose a slick, black background to give it a sense of space or evil, along with a single alien in the center.  The addition of the white N was to symbolize the name of the game, Nexus Defense.  However, although this icon has its own advantages, we decided that it didn’t really fit with the whole “game theme” and that we should go back to the drawing board to fix it.


Icon #3


This was our third and final icon design, combining the space aspect, as well as a simple ND in the center.  This time, the proportions are correct, the image and the text are properly centered, and we get our message across.  Also, we used a blue, white, orange color scheme, which can be seen in some of our promotional images as well.  This icon received all positive reviews from our beta-testers, a whopping increase from the previous icon.  This icon is here to stay!  😀





It’s been a few days since we submitted Nexus Defense to Apple for review, and we’re getting pretty antsy!  Further development of Nexus Defense has slowed for now, and we’re trying to better understand how the app store works and such.  This link

which shows the review guidelines, is a pretty big document!  We’ve also updated one of our promotional images:


Let us know what you think!


New Promotion Images!

We’ve recently created a couple new images for the promotion of Nexus Defense.  Check them out and tell us what you think!



2048 x 512

A compact banner-like image which conveys a bit of gameplay as well as a sense of urgency.



2048 x 1536

This image is action-packed, filled with lasers and explosions and aliens.  We wanted to make an image which would convey a sense of action and epicness (#notarealword);.  This image captures aspects of gameplay as well as creates a sense of urgency, as the aliens are approaching the nexus.



2048 x 512

We wanted to create a simple, but beautiful banner that conveyed the basic idea of the game, and this is the end product.  We use the same color scheme and font for the title, and add some darkened aliens coming in from the right to make sure that the “alien invasion” theme was portrayed.  The planet on the left fit perfectly with the title.


New Upgrades

We’ve added powerful upgrades to Nexus Defense!

Jumbo shot and speed shot, two epic upgrades, allow you to customize your nexus even more!



Speed shot increases projectile speed by 150%, so you can blast any alien out of the sky!



Jumbo shot dramatically increases projectile size; perfect for boss rounds!


Nexus Defense is coming to the app store soon!


Three Colors

In designing Nexus Defense, the first thing that came to mind was a unique upgrade system.  With the three RGB colors, the player can create an unlimited number of different nexus power, health, and shield health combinations to try to advance the levels as far as they can!  Here’s a screenshot of the upgrade menu:

Screenshot 2014.06.16 12.09.56


The button on the bottom left hand corner “nexus statistics” allows the player to see their nexus’s stats, and adjust them accordingly.

Screenshot 2014.06.16 12.10.09


We look forward to unveiling this new upgrade system soon!