New Promotion Images!

We’ve recently created a couple new images for the promotion of Nexus Defense.  Check them out and tell us what you think!



2048 x 512

A compact banner-like image which conveys a bit of gameplay as well as a sense of urgency.



2048 x 1536

This image is action-packed, filled with lasers and explosions and aliens.  We wanted to make an image which would convey a sense of action and epicness (#notarealword);.  This image captures aspects of gameplay as well as creates a sense of urgency, as the aliens are approaching the nexus.



2048 x 512

We wanted to create a simple, but beautiful banner that conveyed the basic idea of the game, and this is the end product.  We use the same color scheme and font for the title, and add some darkened aliens coming in from the right to make sure that the “alien invasion” theme was portrayed.  The planet on the left fit perfectly with the title.



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